Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Chestnut Tea from Adagio

Scent in the tin: Nutty and warm.
Brewed in: 2 cup porcelain glazed teapot
Steeping: 5 minutes @ 212 degrees
Cup: Clarity glass cup from Adagio

This tea had me at first sniff. I ordered the Holiday Sampler from Adagio, and the first thing I did was smell each of the 6 tea samplers to decide which I would try first. The Chestnut won by a landslide, and I made a small pot of it right away. In the cup, it smelled wonderfully warm and nutty, with a hint of that malty aftertaste that I really love in a tea. The brew was a lovely dark brown in the cup, and the tea was very smooth and more flavorful than many of Adagio’s teas. The chestnut flavor really came through nicely, and meshed well with the flavor of the tea. After the second sip, I was absolutely convinced to order a full-sized canister, as Adagio’s holiday teas are on sale for a limited time only. I’ll be ordering a 4 oz. canister of it soon, to get me through the next year.

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