Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Organic Bohea from Teas, Etc.

Scent in package: Very smoky, earthy – strong and deep and almost “ancient”, reminiscent of pu-erh.
Brewed in: ingenuiTEA pot by Adagio
Steeped: 5 min. exactly @ 212 degrees
Cup: Stoneware mug here at work

I have other teas that I was planning to review today, along with my new tea maker, but this morning, as I brewed up a cup of this sample that came in my order from Teas, Etc. today, I just had to write up a little review of this “original Lapsong tea”, as stated on the Teas, Etc. web site (link to the left). It is so smooth, so smoky and sweet, that it just captures your whole mind as you sip it. I never would have intentionally ordered a lapsong sample, because I’ve generally gotten harsher, acidic brews from them, but this one is truly amazing, a tea that is a true indulgence of the senses.

According to the web site, it doesn’t even resemble the lapsong teas of today. I can believe that – this is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. I find it difficult to focus on anything else while I’m drinking it (so not such a good tea for work after all, but heavenly to de-stress with in the evening or on a weekend).

A 3 oz package is $9.95, or you can get 8 oz. for $23.90. I don’t often buy amounts of a single tea larger than 3-4 oz (simply because I have so much tea to begin with), but I may order an 8 oz. quantity of this tea on payday next week, and use my 20% off code that is good until Dec. 31st. That works out to about .19 cents per cup…and this morning, drinking this elegant cup, I have no problem with that. That’s how much I love this tea. I’m having trouble coming to grips with the fact that I only have enough left for one more cup.

I received two full-sized teas (3 oz. each) that I ordered from the company that I haven’t even tried yet…tea companies should take note! Samples work! I am definitely “sold” on this tea.

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