Friday, April 20, 2007

China Rose Congou from Dragonwater

Scent in package: very “rosy”, lovely, old-world rose scent
Brewed in: unbleached filter bag
Steeped: 5 min@ 212
Cup: Café mug at work

I have a propensity for scented teas, so I was quite happy to find a sample of this in my recent order of puerh cakes from Dragonwater. I love free samples anyways, but it seemed like perfect timing to get a rose scented tea in April, just when a bit of summer was needed. I ripped open the package and took a whiff, and the scent of this tea is just absolutely delightful. I was ready to brew up a cup right then.

There’s absolutely no astringency to the tea at all. It brews up a thin liquor, very light and refreshing, the roses giving it a sweet-tart flavor that gives the whole tea a “lift”. There are a few rose petals left in the tea from the scenting, and they add beauty and grace to the leaves as they unfurl. The tea is good hot, warm, and cool, and would be a treat over ice as well.

This tea isn’t complex, or hearty, or a “wake me up” tea…but it is a tea that would be perfect for everyday drinking, an afternoon treat, and just an all around delicate taste experience for anyone who likes a floral scented tea. It would probably be a great tea to serve to guests as well…I’m going to take my sample pouch home this weekend, and offer cups to family who will be visiting this weekend.

At $4.25 for a whole 1/2lb, it’s completely affordable too – I’d highly recommend a sample ($1.25) so you can taste for yourself. Two thumbs way up for this tea…I’ll absolutely be ordering more for my own stock soon.


  1. Hi! I don't believe I've commented before, but I have been reading your blog for awhile and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I just received a sample of this tea and was looking forward to trying it. Rose scented tea is my absolute favorite black--I drink so much of it that my wallet will heave a large sigh of relief if I like Dragonwater's product. Your review has made me hopeful! Thanks!

  2. Hi Mary, and thanks for your comment! I'm glad you enjoy the blog. :-) I hope to be adding pictures soon...

    I do hope you like this tea - I can't imagine anyone not liking it, and at that price, you just can't beat it. Let me know what you think when you try it - I'm always interested in other people's reactions, since we all taste things so differently!

    One of these days I'm going to try the Republic of Tea's rose tea too...but not until I have some extra cash lying about.


  3. I just realized you are "the" Mary R of patabilitea...I love your blog as well, so I'll read the review there! :-) Thanks for a very informative site...

  4. lol...I feel so famous! "The" Mary parents would be so proud.

    Yup, palatabiliTEA is my baby. I'm glad you like it!


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