Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Raspberry Twist from Teas, Etc.

Scent in package: Nice, well-balanced fruity scent, like fresh raspberries.
Brewed in: unbleached filter bag
Steeping: 5 min@ boiling
Cup: Café mug at work

This is one of my favorite flavored teas. The raspberry flavoring is strong enough to say “raspberry” without completely overpowering the tea itself. The base tea is quite lovely as well, not too strong, not bitter, and not astringent at all…very smooth and forgiving if you accidentally leave it steep a minute or two over. The raspberry flavor tastes "real"...not like many artificially flavored teas - it's sweet and juicy, as it should be.

As an added bonus, the tea actually does contain bits of raspberry leaves, which not only lends color and flavor to the mix, but I’ve found it’s also good for relieving certain…uh..feminine issues in some women (myself included). So while I drink this mainly for the taste, I enjoy the extra benefits of the raspberry leaves as well.

This is one of those “must have” staples in my tea stash…and priced at $5.95 for 3oz., it’s very affordable for daily drinking. If you like flavored tea and raspberries, you’ll want to try some of this tea. It’s excellent for all around drinking.

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