Thursday, June 28, 2007

Planning Tea Purchases

I get paid tomorrow. Sometimes it seems like my life hinges on paydays, but hey, gotta have something to look forward to! July will be an expensive month for various non-tea-related reasons, but I’m still making a shopping list for tea, and thought it might be interesting to post, in case anyone wants to compare notes (or see what will be up for review later in July).

So this is my post for today – my list of tea/teaware purchases I hope to make in July.

Adagio: New carafe for my triniTEA (you don’t realize how much you need something until it’s gone!) I’m just going to pay for them to send me a new carafe if possible – I hate shopping, and don’t feel like running around town to find one that fits.

Art of Tea: 2003 Fucha Vintage Dark Tea, if I can get some before they run out (the way they’ve been advertising it, I expect it will be quite popular when it goes on sale July 1st). It sounds and looks intriguing, something different. Depending on the cost, I may get some of the other TNT’s as well. I also need more Garden of Eden for icing, and Chocolate Monkey Rooibos. I need more filter bags too, might as well order them at the same time.

Teacuppa: 2005 CNNP Big Blue Mark Puerh cake

Dragonwater: whatever 3 samples I get with my monthly tea club purchase. For those who don't already know, Dragonwater has the only tea club I've found where you can pay by the month, and suspend your membership when you need to. If you like trying new teas every month, head over there and sign up! It's the only tea tasting club I'm in, simply because you have to pay for all the others in advance. Do check it out if you have a minute.

And that’s it for July. A few new things to try, and one to store…other than that, I need to keep drinking down the stash I already have. That includes plenty of teas to review, never fear. Lots of whites and greens yet to try. I may have to have a tea party soon, to clean out some of my extras.

Anyone else planning any tea purchases in the near future?


  1. I just went on a shopping spree myself. Lots of sencha from Rishi (and a kyusu...might as well do the thing proper if I'm to do it at all), and few samples of their white teas. Then an order from T Ching--samples of their Tenbu Fuka (I want to see if it's as good as I remembered), Silver Needles and Snowbud.

    I did not know that the Dragonwater Club was a pay as you go/suspend if you need to deal. I think I might look into that for myself. Thanks!

  2. I hope to purchase a gaiwan set this summer: gaiwan, serving pitcher and tray, cups, wooden and porcelain spoons, and tea canister. I have a block of puerh that I would like to prepare gaiwan style.

  3. You won't regret the gaiwan set, Georgia...and I bet you'll use it for more than just puerh. I was surprised at how handy my gaiwans have been...and thanks for stopping in! :-)

    Sounds like quite a spree, Mary...I've been meaning to order some of the T Ching teas, just haven't gotten around to it. I'll look forward to hearing about the sencha from Rishi too.

  4. Yeah, I'd love to buy more from T Ching--they do so much community building stuff that I'd like to support them more than I do--but they are a bit too pricey for me at the moment.

    They are having a sample sale at the moment, though. The various sample packs are anywhere from 30 to 40% off their standard price.

  5. I love hearing your tea-related purchase plans. Thanks for the Dragonwater tip, too.

    So I'm curious, if you had to share the top three teas you reach for consistently, what would they be? Or are you always up for trying new ones?

  6. I am always up for trying new teas (and do on a regular basis), but that said, I do have my favorite-no-fail teas that I reach for when I just want something that I know is consistantly "good". Yunnan Gold from Teaspring, Yunnan Jig from Adagio, and Irish Breakfast from Stash are my "big three" morning teas, guaranteed to taste good and wake me up no matter what kind of mood I'm in. I always have those three on hand - all three are strong and malty, good teas to wake up with in the morning, pick me up in the afternoon, or drink with dinner at night.

    Normally I don't serve those teas to guests though...they're much stronger than the "casual" tea drinker likes, I've found. I keep a plethora of green, white and oolong teas on hand, as well as many flavored teas for company(and I love chocolate tea on Saturday mornings), and rooibos tisanes for those who don't want caffeine at all.

    Something for everyone, as it were, but my personal favorites are strong, dark and malty.

  7. Did you ever end up buying the Fucha from art of tea? I was considering it as a present for someone and wondered if it was any good. I had looked at some other things on their site, as they do have alot of organic, but wasn't sure if any of it was GOOD. Your other reviews helped. Not just for but altogether...I'm not generally a flavoured tea fan, but your descriptions made me CRAVE whatever I'd read you were drinking. So with that I added your blog to my favourites and wanted to thank you for reviewing teas.


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