Monday, June 25, 2007

Tea-less Weekend

Yes, sadly enough, I did not drink one ounce of tea this weekend. In hindsight, 1:30am this morning when I was fighting off the effects of some sugar substitutes I’d inadvertently consumed would have been the perfect time for something cleansing in my system, but by then, I wasn’t thinking straight at all. Oh well.

I did look for a carafe this weekend to replace the one I broke from my triniTEA, with no luck.

This morning though, Yunnan Jig is on tap, and I suspect my tea tastes will get stronger as the day goes on (3.5 hours of sleep requires mega doses of stimulant to remain conscious at work – I’m definitely considering a bowl of matcha with lunch, and I'll admit to a can of Coke this morning). Hopefully the tea will help me “detox” from whatever it was I got into yesterday (probably splenda), and another tea tasting will be on the horizon for tomorrow.

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