Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Green Peach from Dragonwater

Scent in package: peachy-keen
Brewed in: small glass teapot w/glass infuser
Steeped: 2 min @ 180 (per instructions)
Cup: porcelain teacup

I was looking for something “different” to try, and came across this sample pack in the back of my cupboard. The label says it’s a mix of sencha and assam teas, flavored with bits of peach and peach flavoring. Since it was a mixture of black and green teas again, I was careful to follow the instructions for brewing it a short time at a low heat. The brew smells like peach, with a hint of the green sencha sneaking through.

The brew is a lovely golden color, though not what you’d expect from a green tea at all. It was thick and honey-like in texture (though not in taste). Unfortunately, the taste is a bit of a problem…I think it would have been okay if they’d left it at “peach bits”, but the peach flavoring was obviously artificial, with that typical aftertaste that just doesn’t sit well on the tongue.

Normally, I like Dragonwater’s flavored teas, and many of their blends as well (though not so much with the green/black blend). But this one just won’t do…mostly because of the peach flavoring, which serves to hide most of the other flavors so I can’t really decide if I like the sencha and assam together or not.
So this one can stay with the vendor, in my opinion. Dragonwater has many great blends and flavors, and I’m kind of surprised this one made it past the chopping block, but perhaps there’s someone out there who really likes it. I’ll save my tea money for something better.

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