Friday, October 26, 2007

2005 CNNP Big Blue Mark Puerh from Teacuppa

Scent: light woodsy scent
Brewed in: porcelain gaiwan
Steeped: 5s x 6
Cup: porcelain tasting cup, china tea cup

I took some great pictures of this tasting last night, and promptly deleted them in my uncaffinated state while trying to download them from the camera this morning. Sorry about that - pictures to come with the next reviews.

I bought this cake based on a sample that I really enjoyed from Teacuppa. This is the first time I've tried the cake, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. It's light, smooth, and very mellow. I drank the first couple cups out of the tasting cup, and then mixed the rest of the infusions together for a larger cuppa.

Either way, this is not a strong tea. the viscosity is nice - not too thin, but not soupy either. The flavor is a typical wood and earth puerh taste, though the earthiness isn't very pronounced - it's more of a background complement. The wood and leafy tones are lovely, and make up the majority of the flavor, with a hint of light pine smoke running over the tongue.

The semi-smokiness lends a gentle astringency to the tea, and ties all the other flavors together well. All in all, it was soothing and relaxing, both of which I really appreciated last night.

It's probably not a top-shelf tea according to the "experts", and certainly it doesn't have the depth that a more aged tea would have, but it's sweet and mild, the perfect "before-bed" drink (which is when I drank it, and I can hardly keep my eyes open to finish this review).

A most enjoyable way to finish the evening.

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