Friday, November 30, 2007

1000 Day Flower from Dragonwater

Scent in package: virtually nonexistent.
Brewed in: 2 cup glass teapot
Steeped: 5 min. @ “steaming”
Cup: Porcelain teacup

It always amazes me how intricate some of the hand-tied blooming teas are. And I have no idea how they do it – it seems like it would frustrate me to no end to try to tie all those little leaves together with my clumsy fingers. But they are gorgeous to watch as they unfurl in warm water, and while I haven’t found any to be exceptional in taste (though some are very good), they make wonderful conversation and generally good tea for drinking.

I have to admit though – this particular blooming tea was a tiny bit disappointing to me. I was excited at the bright pink bloom on top, and couldn’t wait to see it unfold. And it did unfold into a beautiful bloom, but…well…kind of boring, to be honest, after some of the more spectacular shows I’ve gotten from tea flowers.

The tea itself was mediocre – certainly not bad in any way, just lacking in…well…taste. I realize that it’s a white tea, and thus more subtle, but while the texture was lovely – a little thick and full in the mouth, and it was very sweet (which I like a lot), but it just didn’t have much flavor…the very slightest hint of something vegetal at the back of the mouth. There was no astringency, and no bitterness…but it was just boring, I guess. And I normally enjoy white tea quite a lot.

So for a bloom, it was pretty, but not spectacular, and for a tea, it was uninteresting…for the money, I think I’d go for something a little more intricate or a little more flavorful (preferably both).

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