Friday, November 9, 2007


Yes, though my cabinets are stocked with tea, I find myself somewhat "tea poor" today, which is why no review. However, I have some blooming teas that haven't been reviewed yet, and tea on order, so Monday I'll regain my momentum.

Until then, I just have to say - it's a sad thing when I wandered about the Las Vegas casinos for two days earlier this week, and did not come across even one shop selling tea (bagged or loose) to buy. Sure, there were a few coffee places that sold tea by the cup, but no where to purchase tea to brew elsewhere.

I honestly thought that surely, in a larger city, it would be fairly easy to find tea along the strip. I can't be the only tea-lover to visit Vegas! But no, and unfortunately, we didn't have the time or navigational knowledge to go hunting places off the well-beaten paths.

Not that I think anyone in Vegas probably reads this blog, but if you are from Las Vegas, and stumble across this somehow, please consider opening a tea shop somewhere along or close to the strip...somewhere easy for tourists, like myself, to not only get a much-needed dose of teafreshment, but also some good quality "souvenier" tea to bring back home. If there is a tea shop I missed, well...I wish it had been better advertised. It was one of many things that disappointed me about Vegas - the unavailability of good tea. I did use the in-room coffee pot and some Indian Nimbu bags I had brought, but as we all know, coffee pots do not make good tea, and I gave up quickly. I really will buy an electric kettle just for traveling before I go anywhere again.

More on Monday...


  1. I remember there being a wildly overpriced tea store in the Mandalay Bay shopping arcade on the Luxor side. It was near a men's shaving store, if that helps.

  2. Hey Jamie,

    I stumbled across your blog on the weekend and really enjoy it; it's border-line addictive. And your knowledge and insights on tea are definitely not 'average'. I've added you to my blogroll at if you are interested in doing a link exchange let me know!

  3. Thanks Garrett - I'll try to remember that for next time. Which will hopefully be a long time coming...

    Dan, thanks for stopping by and such kind comments! I'll check out your site later on, and see about linking it up here as well. Normally I'm much more reliable than I have been lately, but I'm doing National Novel Writing Month at the moment, and 50,000 words in 30 days can be quite stressful on other areas of life! It should return to normal fairly soon here least I hope it will!


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