Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Morning Dew from T-Ching

Scent in package: Fruity, light
Brewed in: ceramic tea-for-one pot/metal infuser
Steeped: 4 min. @ 180 w/spring water
Cup: café mug
As you can see, the dry leaves of this tea are absolutely gorgeous. Large, vibrant green, and mostly intact, it made my mouth water just to look at them. The scent was very light, and sort of sweetly fruity.

After I poured the brew into my cup, I smelled the leaves again. This time there was a strong vegetal odor like a green tea would have, and something else I can’t quite put my finger on. The liquor had the same fragrance – steamed vegetables, perhaps? It reminded me of butter, cream, and “richness”.

I was hooked from the first sip. The brew is impossibly light, and really seems like there can’t be any flavor, but there is, and it is wonderful. The tea is very sweet and thick, with the taste of sweet cream butter that lingers on the tongue. There is a hint of astringency, but no dryness, and the soft fragrance, creamy mouth feel and buttery sweet taste all come together for a cup that is pure heaven. The finish is a very sweet sensation that remains at the back of the tongue.

The wet leaves are still beautiful, of course, and I shall look forward to using the remainder of my sample in a gong fu session to see what later infusions are like.

I love this tea – it’s absolutely wonderful. I need more. According to T-Ching, they'll be carrying it, if you'd like to taste for yourself!

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