Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Organic Shui Xian from Teas, Etc

Scent in package: earthy, woody
Brewed in: glass teapot/glass infuser
Steeped: 4 min. @ just under boiling
Cup: Ceramic teacup
I got this as a sample in my Teas, etc. order. I normally like darker oolongs, so I was pleased to try this last night after my workout. The scent of the dry leaves is very earthy, almost musky like a puerh, which was somewhat surprising.

The tea brewed up typically of a dark oolong, with a light golden liquor reminiscent of a light black tea. The scent is light but still earthy, and reminded me of wet bark for some reason. It has that typical honey-like texture, though slightly thinner than one might expect, and I found it odd that the flavor had no hint of honey tones, as most oolongs seem to when they have that particular texture.

The flavor was somewhat enigmatic to me. Perhaps my taste buds were off, and it wasn’t bad, but it was very earthy and woody, like the forest after a rain storm. There was a hint of smoke in the brew as well, and a slight aftertaste of charcoal. It’s tempting to blame that on the amount of Lapsang I’ve been drinking, but I hadn’t had any smoky tea for many hours before, so I’d guess the smokiness was definitely there.

It wasn’t sweet, but not bitter either, it wasn’t astringent, and while it felt thick on the tongue at first, the texture seemed to dissipate on the tongue until the brew felt fairly thin in the mouth to finish. There were hints of pine, bark, and wet earth, but while it may sound unappetizing, it was strangely enjoyable at the same time.

I can’t say this tea was “good”, because that’s not really what came to mind while I was sipping it. It definitely wasn’t “bad” either…just very complex and “different”. If you like mysteries, and can imagine yourself in the woods after dark, experiencing a myriad of different smells and tastes, this is your tea. Would I buy it again? I can say with absolute certainty…maybe.


  1. The photograph of the submerged leaves is excellent!

  2. Thanks Georgia. Once in awhile, I get lucky. ;-)

  3. I did have a blogger account, I just didn't remember because I hadn't used it really...Now on to my anoying story: I went for a walk in the rain and ended up in some woods nearby after the showers had stopped. The most delicious smell came up as I'd crunch the leaves and moss beneath my boots, and I kept thinking "If only I could find a tea that tastes as this smells!! I'd die for something like that, I wonder should I ask on the teaforum if anyone knows of anything?" I figured maybe maybe a pu, might if I found the right type...or so I hope/hoped, but as I've never tried one I wouldn't know and half of me worries I'll end up with bad quality mold-tasting...anyway! I found this entry the very next day (odd I only found it then as I've been reading here for a bit, Fate I met this post that day I suppose). I am having problems with ALL shipping companies at the moment (I used to only have problems with fedex and ups, now usps has a new mailman and he is doing the same as them, sigh) so I have to just wimper and lust until I sort this mess, but I am getting this tea! You ought to tell 'Teas, Etc.' to give you more free samples because you turn people onto their stuff when you reveiw them. I honestly never considered ordering from them until now. Copy and paste my words! Or I'll tell them for you.
    Sorry this was so very long and belated.


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