Friday, September 12, 2008

Revisiting Puerh & the Return of Reviews

Greetings once again, to anyone who may still be lurking around. It's amazing to me that even through my summer absence, I still have visits registering to this site every week. I do hope the reviews and information are still helpful, or at least entertaining.

Naturally I'm still drinking tea daily - how could I not? My TriniTea machine has been invaluable for making tea for work, though I use more traditional teaware in the evenings. My husband recently gifted me with a beautiful green tetsubin pot after a business trip, and I'll admit, it's my favorite at the moment. I'll certainly post pictures of that eventually.

After a nice long break, I think I'm ready to return to reviews. Probably not daily, as I think that's why I burned out before, but weekly or even bi-weekly instead. Perhaps a new tea one day, and a "revisited" tea another?

I opened my teaware cabinet the other day to get a teapot, and the rich scent of puerh hit me full in the face, as it always does (my puerh "collection" is stored there as well). And I thought, what better way to ease back into the analytical spirit than to revisit my puerh collection?

So on Monday, Sept. 15th, Tea on Tap will reopen with a review of one of my puerh cakes, to see if I can taste any differences or nuances since I last tried it. Now if I can just remember where my puerh knife went...


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