Friday, April 3, 2009

ID That Tea

Can you ID this tea?
Just for fun - every Friday I'll post a picture or pictures of a tea (wet and/or dry leaves, sometimes the brew). Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to leave a comment and tell me what kind of tea it is (black, white, green...oolong, puerh, etc). Everyone who guesses correctly will be entered into a drawing to be held monthly for - a tin of tea, of course!

Because this is the first week, everyone who leaves a guess will be entered. Next week guesses will have to be correct in order to earn a drawing entry. The drawing will be held on April 29th, with the winner to be announced on the 30th.

This month's drawing prize will be announced sometime next week - watch for it in the sidebar to the left.

Good luck!


  1. Looks like an oolong, a bao zhong perhaps.

  2. Well it's no Earl Grey but it makes me feel a little green.

  3. A green baozhong looks like a pretty good guess

    Although it'll be nice if the resolution of the pic can be a little larger

  4. I guess oolong but cannot be more specific than this.

    Btw, welcome back!

  5. Good guesses so far - everyone is entered into the drawing. I'll reveal the correct answer on Thursday afternoon.

    Marshal, I'll definately post a better picture from here on out - I agree, that would help.

    Thanks Georgia - good to be back! :-)

    New reviews Tuesday and Thursday...

  6. Thanks for letting me know about your blog and about your contest!

    I would also say (Bao Zhong) Oolong...not sure how much more specific I could get tho...might have to revisit this

    Can I link you to my tea blog?

  7. You're welcome, Jennifer - you're entered into the contest as well. :-)

    And of course you can link to my blog...I've added yours to my sidebar too. Thanks!


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