Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On Tap Recently

I know - I committed to posting once a week, then walked away for two. Bad blogger. Bad Twitterer. I apologize. I'll do better.

But aside from the fact that this is the busiest season of the year for me (both at work and at home), I've also been in a bit of a tea-drinking rut, having the same cups over and over and over just because it's easy and familiar in a hectic time.

On and off again, I've been drinking:

Keemuns from both Adagio & Teas, Etc. I do so love Keemun.

Yunnan Noir & Black Pearls from Adagio (strong, wake-me-up tea)

Assam Melody from Adagion - because sometimes, you just want that malty raisin flavor.

Lapsang Souchong from Adagio - the last dregs of my big canister, sadly. I must order more soon...'tis the season for smoky tea!

Fall Decadence from The NecessiTeas - I just can't get over the caramel/orange/cranberry blend. It's odd, and oddly well as very warming in the snowy cold weather we've been having.

Tropical Green, also from The NecessiTeas - smells like Juicy Fruit, and we drank it over ice for dinner one night. Very yummy stuff, that.

Raspberry Tart from Teas, Etc. - in my cup today.

I've been thinking about my puerh cabinet lately. I haven't done a puerh tasting in quite awhile, and every time I open the cabinet to get a teapot out or put one back, the most wonderful earthy scent comes wafting out into the room. I'm well aware that my environment here in arid Montana isn't optimal (or even good) for aging puerh, but even if it's just sitting there, that lovely aroma calls to me every time I open the door.

I'm certainly no gongfu brewing expert, but when I do get out the yixing ware and brew up several cups of puerh, it's a very centering experience. Perhaps I'll make some time next week for a session in the midst of the last minute Halloween party prep chaos.


  1. Mmm... Keemun and Yunnan are two types of tea I'm keen to try. Black Pearls sounds intriguing as well!

  2. I'm one of those Puerh lovers so I know how that goes. Feeling centered? I actually have anxiety if I drink anything other than Puerh most of the time but for an occasional break.


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