Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tea Time: English Breakfast Extra Fancy from Tantalizing Tea

Thanks for joining me again for weekly tea reviews. After you've read the review and made yourself a cuppa, you may be interested in checking out my weekly flash (very short) fiction at The Variety Pages. This week's story actually features tea, so it's a nice match, I think. 

Also, check back this evening for a contest announcement...

Now, here's today's review: 

Brewed 5 minutes at 208 degrees in porcelain cup w/metal strainer. 

I'm not normally an English Breakfast drinker, but when Tantalizing Tea sent me a free sample of this with my order last month, I couldn't help but try it.The scent in the package wasn't all that strong, but that's pretty normal for most English Breakfast blends I've tried. As you can see above, the leaves are very nice looking, a sort of deep chocolatey brown that is very appealing.

Once stepped, it has a nice texture - thick and pleasant on the tongue. It's got good flavor for an English Breakfast, though it's still a little too much on the astringent side for me. It's earthy with a definite high note, but it falls just short of a full-bodied flavor, and I'd certainly recommend it for anyone who likes a good English Breakfast (or just likes tea on the stronger side - my husband liked it pretty well).

Whether you plan on purchasing this tea or not, I'd urge you to check out the Tantalizing Tea web site. Not only do that have some really nice teas on offer, their tea ware catalog is superb!

Until next week, happy sipping....


  1. It has become my favorite beverage. It's my kind of drink.

  2. I've always loved English Breakfast tea because of its strength. If it's too strong, a little milk helps :).


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