Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tanzanian Black from Teas, Etc.

I ordered this sample of Tanzanian Black tea simply because it sounded interesting. There's no description on the site yet (at the time of this writing), but the name intrigued me.

I brewed this up a few times, both using a natural teabag because that's the quickest way for me to brew tea in the morning when I'm still mostly asleep. Well that, and I can't find a steeping chamber that will fit the narrow neck of my travel mug. This morning I brewed the leaves in my trusty teapot, so I could photograph the lovely color before pouring. I steeped it for 4 minutes at 212 degrees, which may be a minute too long...three might have been better.

It has a very light, oolong-like texture - almost fruity and very refreshing. It's a nice spring/summer tea for hot days (as opposed to a hearty Yunnan). The flavor is rather hard to pin down - it's almost like a cross between an oolong, a first-flush Darjeeling and a mild Assam, if that makes any sense. It leaves a slightly astringent, somewhat peppery finish, with just the tiniest bit of smoke. I think the tannic dryness might be alleviated by a slightly shorter steeping time.

It's just as good room temperature as hot, and serving over ice would bring out the more fruity undertones,I think. It's not something I'll probably buy again (my tastes run more to the bolder side of flavor), but it's a nice light tea, and if you like light oolongs or first-flush Darjeeling, you'll probably enjoy this particular tea as well.

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