Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pomegranate Green from Teaopia

Steeped 4 min. @176 degrees
I received this for Christmas from a good friend in Canada, and when I opened the envelope, I was surprised at how fragrant it is. The scent is a nice blend of sweet fruit and savory grass, very inviting and actually kind of invigorating as well. 

The tea itself looks like Sencha or Gyokuro, so I went to the web site, and it is indeed Sencha, one of my favorite greens. Surprisingly, it also includes cranberries, which explains the tart-sweet quality of the flavor. The liquor is very smooth, with a nice but subtle "zing" from the fruit. It is kind of drying, but has a good vegetal flavor.

Pomegranate Green is available online at Teaopia...and this is the first tea from them that I've tried, but I may well place an order with them in the future. I certainly enjoyed this particular offering...


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