Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tea 9-1-1!

Okay, okay. So it's nothing so dramatic as that (for foreign readers, 9-1-1 is our emergency number here in the states). But my tea words project has fallen behind, sadly.

I need new teas. Better variety. More single estates. Something exciting and new!

Heck, I just need to replenish my tea cupboard, really. I've been waiting to place an order with Teas, Etc. because I need more of their Bohea and Raspberry teas, but they've been out of Raspberry for *so* long, I fear I'm going to have to hunt down another source (something with real raspberry's a good hormone balancer).

I've been out of good Yunnan teas for months now...along with Black Dragon Pearls (Adagio), and I have one teaspoon of keemun left. One!

It's getting tragic around here, I tell ya.

I also need a new tea travel mug. I've managed to wear out all of mine. And I just can't decide. It's a big decision! Nothing the leaves are meant to stay in though - my biggest pet peeve is oversteeped tea, and I don't drink greens/whites when I'm on the run (need caffeine!). Anyone out there have a travel mug they just *love*?

I'm drinking the last of my Boulder Breakfast (The Tea Spot) today...and paying bills so I know what I have left for a tea budget this month. At the very least, I *need* a good Yunnan. *Need*, I tell you.

What's your must-have tea? The one you can't possibly live without?

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