Friday, December 8, 2006

Cranberry by Adagio

Scent in tin: A light tea scent, nondescript, and if you sniff long enough, you eventually get a very subtle whiff of berry, but nothing that screams “cranberries!”
Brewing method: ingenuiTEA pot by Adagio
Cup: 12oz. porcelain mug

This is the last tea from my Holiday Sampler from Adagio, and it was last simply because there is virtually no scent from the tea when it’s dry. Even an unflavored tea normally has a scent, so I was not terribly motivated to try this “quiet” tea. But I did want to try each of the holiday flavors before it was too late to order more, if I so chose, so today I brought it to work with me, and decided to brew an “after lunch” cup.

Simply put, this tea is a cacophony of flavor. The cranberry (such as it is) clashes heartily with the tea leaves, creating a serious dissonance on my tongue. It improves slightly as it cools, but the only way I could make it through the cup was with the addition of sugar, which I normally only add to chai blends, and which didn’t help all that much. Two thumbs way down - you couldn’t pay me enough to reorder this tea.

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