Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rooibos Macadamia by Dragonwater

Scent in bag: Nutty, with a sweet almond tone
Brewed in: ingenuiTEA pot by Adagio
Steeping: around 7 min @ 212 degrees
Cup: my trusty porcelain mug here at work

This tisane is not for the faint of heart. Truly a tea for those who enjoy a strong, nutty flavor, the scent in the package nearly knocked me over. The scent of almonds helps to calm the heavier overtones, and it took me awhile to talk myself into trying it, simply because I was worried the flavor would be *too* strong (imagine that).

When I brewed it, I sniffed the liqueur, and the almond scent came shining through, keeping the macadamia to a very pleasant level. The taste is simply heavenly, warm and reminiscent of fall. As with most rooibos, it is smooth and mellow on the tongue, and you really can’t overstep it. All in all, I enjoyed it very much, and look forward to finishing the sample. Barring any space restrictions, I may well have to order a larger quantity next time around.

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