Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mambo by Adagio

Scent in tin: Smells like tea. A light, non-descript tea scent, nothing spectacular.
Brewed in: unbleached filter bag
Steeped: 5 min@ 212 deg.
Cup: Café mug at work

I’m almost done with my sample of Mambo, and I’ll say up front that I’m already planning to order the larger size with my next Adagio order. It’s a fusion tea, made up of Yunnan and WuYi teas…giving it a nice “kick” with the sweet undertones of a very nice oolong. The texture is not thin, but not as thick as just a plain oolong either - it's very pleasant in the mouth, and a bit astringent, but not really "bitter" (just drying on the tongue). Honey and pepper are the main taste profiles for this tea, a pairing I really enjoy.

I was confused by the reviews on Adagio’s web site…many people say this tea is “smoky”…something I don’t taste at all in Mambo. It’s just smooth and mellow, and while not completely distinctive, the oolong taste (which might be boring alone), is complimented by the peppery sensation that the Yunnan tea gives it (I assume it’s the Yunnan anyways). They say it “smells like BBQ”…another thing I have not experienced even a little bit with this tea. Odd how different the senses interpret taste and smell from person to person.

In any case, the honey and pepper blend of the oolong and Yunnan really makes this a tasty treat for me, and at 4oz for $7, it’s a steal, and priced for everyday drinking. Do yourself a favor, order a sample for $2…if you like oolong, and you like Yunnan teas, you’ll love this…it’s a great fusion blend, simple as it is.

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