Monday, May 14, 2007

Odds n’ Ends

I apologize for the long absence…I’ve been finishing up some of my tea stash, and drinking teas already reviewed to clear out my cupboard a bit and make way for new things. So now that I’m making headway with that goal, the new reviews will begin again tomorrow. I also have a few new teas on order that should arrive sometime this week, which will be fun. I’ve ordered a Black Rose from Teas, Etc. (to compare to the other rose teas I’ve tried lately), and Frost, another oolong from Art of Tea (I love the Mandarin Silk from them, and was ordering more White Summer Rain as a gift for my mom next month).

I'm very exited to receive the new teaware I ordered from Art of Tea as well…a Pearl Dragon Travel Set (pictured). It includes a gaiwan, pitcher, six cups and a set of tongs, all in a handy little travel case for less than $20. Believe it or not, I don’t have a gaiwan yet, and I’ve wanted a set for awhile. This little set will be perfect for my own personal tastings, as well as tastings for friends, as I assume it’s somewhat small. I doubt I’ll actually travel much with it, but you never know. I’m definitely looking forward to getting it.

Next week (May 20 – 25) is Puerh Week here at Tea on Tap. I have my teas all ready to go, and I plan to post pictures of my adventures in breaking up tea cakes and the complete brewing process for each tea, such as it is in my humble kitchen. All I need is a letter opener (or an actual puerh knife, if I can find one this week), and I think I’m good to go. It should be an interesting and hopefully enlightening journey, even with my inexpensive puerhs.

So that’s the story – stay tuned for more tea!

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