Monday, June 4, 2007

Black Chocolate Cream from Dragonwater

Scent: Creamy Chocolate – very yummy smell!
Brewed in: Café cup at work, unbleached filter bag
Steeped: 5 min@boiling

Decadent, heavenly, rich, full-bodied…all words I’d use to describe this absolutely scrumptious blend. It is smooth, well-balanced, and without even a hint of bitterness. There are bits of chocolate laced throughout the dry leaves, and when you taste the tea, you can tell that it’s real, not some sort of cheap imitation chocolate bits. There’s a definite vanilla cream flavor as well that perfectly compliments the brew. It’s dark, and while the liquor isn’t thick, the taste is very well rounded and “heavier” than a normal flavored tea might be. It was my first cup this morning, and it made a very nice breakfast cup, though I dare say it would be a wonderful compliment to a heavy dessert as well (like chocolate cake or brownies with ice cream).

All in all, this tea is absolutely marvelous, and I’ll certainly be ordering it again. If you like flavored tea, and like chocolate, this tea is for you. It’s only $4.50 for a quarter pound…very affordable, and a half-ounce sample is available for $1.25. I highly recommend at least sampling it!

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