Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Too Warm for a Fire, So... tea review today.

I was all ready to brew up some Ti Kuan Yin last night, for something completely different. I was going to take pictures and everything - a bonefide tasting session. And just as I was getting up to head to the kitchen...bam! The power went out. It was stormy, thunder & lightening and everything, and the whole block went dark.

Normally our power outages are very short, but this one lasted almost two hours - long enough I was starting to get nervous about my fish tanks. On the "brighter" side, I did light practically every candle in the house, a good excuse to burn some of the stock I have around. I even lit the hurricane lamp, which hasn't been used for years.

But our stovetop is electric, so no hot water for tea, since it was far too warm to light a fire (not that I have a fire-worthy kettle anyways). We drank iced tea instead, and enjoyed the gentle glow of candlelight throughout the house until nearly bed time.

Perhaps tonight will be better for tea?

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  1. Aw, I'm sorry about the blackout, but it sounds like the evening was very pleasantly cozy.

    Here's to a great future session!


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