Monday, July 30, 2007

Upcoming Teaware Review and a Short Break

Several weeks ago I was contacted by a public relations specialist about the Zarafina Tea Suite (automatic tea maker). They offered to send me one free, and after a little waffling about the ethics of accepting free stuff for review, I decided that the opportunity to try and review the product was worth more than the $150 I would never actually spend to buy the suite to review for you all. So I accepted, and Friday night, the tea suite was on my doorstep. I’m in the process of reviewing the machine now (I’m on my second cup), and I should have my full review ready to post (with pictures) by next Monday. So you can decide for yourself how much weight to give my review since this particular machine was free. I would like to assure you that I’ve never been afraid to give the straight scoop on anything, and will not hesitate to give my honest opinion on this either. I am using only teas that I’ve tried and enjoyed before, so that my opinion won’t be biased due to the flavor or type of tea used.

After I have fully tried out the Zarafina and completed my review of it independently, I’ll be putting it up against my Adagio triniTEA maker (which I did purchase myself). It seems like many people out there are constantly asking “which machine is better”? Hopefully, I’ll be able to answer that question, and figure out if one really is better than the other, or if they are better for different uses, etc. We shall see. I'm not using the Adagio machine at all this week just so I don't bias my opinion of the Zarafina by doing so. Obviously neither machine will be able to compete with traditionally made tea, so I’m not comparing them to tea from a teapot or infuser at all. Tea machines are convenience items, and must be viewed in that light.

This week, I’m also on vacation, with a semi-full schedule of things to accomplish. So I may or may not have time to complete many tea reviews, though I will try to get a couple posted here and there. Be patient, and normal daily reviews will continue next week.

Until then, I wish you many happy cuppas.

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  1. I look forward to your review of Zarafina and the comparison to Adagio. The Adagio triniTEA maker is still on my wish list!


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