Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Nepalese Oolong from T-Ching (tasting event)

Scent in package: fruity, a very light muscatel scent, intriguing
Brewed in: Tea for one pot w/metal infuser
Steeped: 3 min.@ just under boiling, 4 min.@ just under boiling
Cup: Stoneware café mug

Thanks to T-Ching for this very generous offer! The samples far surpass the amount of tea I expected to get for the $3 shipping. This is my first time participating in a tasting event, and hopefully it won’t be the last.

I conducted this tasting at work, thus no pictures. I was surprised at the amount of brighter green in the leaves though…it seems like more of a mixture of light/dark than most oolongs I’ve encountered to this point. It does make for a very lovely looking dry leaf blend though.

The scent of the first cup is nearly intoxicating. Very grape/muscatel in nature, and I could sense a thicker viscosity in the liquid just by the fragrance wafting up from the cup. There’s a deeper note to the scent that I can’t quite make out, but it draws me in to that first sip.

The first sip was as intriguing as the scent. It’s a muscatel flavor, like a darjeeling, but much deeper and more rounded. The tea is thicker and more honey-like, blending the best of both darjeeling and oolong teas. It’s not astringent at all, but smooth and mellow – if darjeeling is the “champagne” of teas, I might go out on a limb and declare this oolong a “fine wine” along a similar vein.

The aftertaste left a slight bite on the tip of my tongue, and a smooth coating on the inside of my mouth. Very pleasant and soothing – a welcome relaxation to the mid-morning work “grind”.

I had a second cup of the same leaves in the afternoon, and it was very refreshing, with the same fruity taste, but lighter. All in all, very enjoyable, and a tea I will enjoy again soon.


  1. Thanks for the comments it helps many of us online tea merchants to hear what people like so we can add it to our loose tea offerings.

  2. something on the meghma oolong for you:

    the meghma oolong tea project is promoted by mr. madan tamang, the guiding spirit behind the creation of meghma agro industries without profit being its primary objective.

    meghma oolong is a semifermented tea, which gives a pale brew with a refreshing honey flavour. the taste is reminiscent of spring vegetation and differs from occidental varieties having a goldenbrew and a unique flavor.

    it is cultivated in the highlands of the himalayas above 7500 ft around darjeeling. it is the highest plantation in and around this region. the factory is however at an altitude of 9500ft. the tea garden lies pristine in pure and natural enviroment , away from traffic, free from pollution and use of chemicals.

    this tea is manufactured by the traditional hand method. the health benefits of this tea are innumerable - some of them are : this tea helps in reducing the cholestrol level thus it goes very well with heavy meals. it also reduces blood pressure and prevents atherosclerotic diseases.

    i thought this inforation may be intresting to youy so i shared it.

    thanks you for all the efforts.

    for details on the kishanganj snow bud please log on to www.doketea.com and www.indusfoundation.com

    ankit lochan

  3. Thank you for sharing such interesting information...I always like learning more about the teas I'm drinking. :-)


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