Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Orange Blossom Green Tea from Rishi

Scent in package: wonderful, floral-orange scent
Brewed in: unbleached filter bag
Steeped: 5 min@under boiling
Cup: café mug

One thing about Rishi that kind of blows me away is the sheer amount of flavor their flavored teas seem to have. Unfortunately, that means the actual “tea” is pretty well lost in the mix, but it’s sure a fun way to drink something different. This Orange Blossom green is no exception, and I enjoy every single sip, even though I can’t taste the green tea part at all.

This blend is very sweet – not for those who like their tea on the sturdier side. It’s very mellow, and really great for late nights before bed (or stressful afternoons at work). It really is a blend of things – the osthmanthus flowers and citrus dominating the other tastes. Lemongrass is included with this blend too, as well as lemon verbena and rose.

It’s wonderful, really, soothing and warm, and I do like it a lot, it’s just not really “tea” as per se. So I’m quite sure I’ll enjoy the rest of the bag, but more as something for when I want a different sort of beverage. I actually think this would be great carbonated (don’t kill me, please!).

So if you’re in the mood for orange flavored green tea, this probably isn’t what you’re after if you want to taste the tea too. But if you’re just looking for the health benefits of a little tea (there’s not much in this blend, it seems), with great taste, or just a soothing cuppa relaxation, this might be a good one to reach for, especially if you like your “tea” sweeter. The scent alone is worth it…goodness, it smells great even from across my desk (though it is kind of making me hungry…)!


  1. Carbonated? That doesn't always mean sweet sodas. With a meal, plain chilled carbonated water can make the difference between overeating and being satisfied with enough.

    Flavored with a flavored tea? (I wonder how that would work) It only makes me more curious!

  2. Yeah, that's kind of what I thought. This tea is so sweet naturally that it doesn't need extra sugar, and it's so flavorful (citrus-y), that mixing it with citrus soda would be overkill...but it could be very good as a carbonated beverage all on it's own.

    Maybe I'll have to try that sometime...


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