Monday, January 14, 2008

Lemon Lavender Mint Herbal Tisane from Choice Organic Teas

Scent in package: very minty/lemony
Brewed in: Teabag
Steeped: 5 min. @ boiling
Cup: ceramic teacup

(New digital camera – excuse me while I play with sizing and lighting!)

Occasionally, I like a mint tisane. There’s something very soothing about it when I’m ill, or late at night when getting ready for bed. Choice Organic Teas was kind enough to send me two of these teabags, and I drank one while I was ill, finding it very soothing. The other I drank last night to refresh my memory and review with normal taste buds.

The scent of the dried herbs is very soothing and refreshing at the same time. The mint and lemon are energizing, while the very subtle hint of lavender in the background creates a calming baseline. The fragrance changes as the tea brews and then cools…the strongest point, just after the brewing is done, releases all three scents in a very nice aromatic chord for the nose. As it cools, the mint slowly overwhelms the other two scents, and the same can be said of the flavor.

At first sip, the flavors dance on the tongue, and each can be distinguished from the other even as they mingle. The lavender solidifies the other two, and the lemon adds a very nice, light citrus burst to the mint. As it cools a little, the scents come together for more of a licorice-taste. In the final stage, when the tea is just getting cold, the mint takes over and the other flavors simply disappear.
It’s a very complex blend, unexpected in an herbal tisane. I enjoyed it quite a lot, and while relaxing to a “well” body, it’s also very comforting and soothing to an ill head. I’d highly recommend this tisane…a very interesting and lovely blend.

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