Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Samurai Matcha from Dragonwater

Scent in package, light, “green” scent
Brewed in: matcha bowl
Steeped: n/a
Cup: matcha bowl

This matcha can hereby be known as “allovermyfloor” matcha. Am I seriously the only one who has ever dropped a package of matcha powder? Yes, I felt stupid, and I still have bright green powder on my black work shoes and pants to prove it. At least I’m wearing a green shirt today…

In any case, it’s hard to review Matcha. The taste differences are subtle, and difficult to describe (to my mind). But this particular matcha from Dragonwater is very good – better than the slightly more bitter brew I got from Harney & Son’s. It’s not as bright a green color (though it does stand out nicely on black), but the taste is richer, sweeter, and more “rounded”, if that makes any sense. The powder itself is also very smooth, which is quite noticeable when a person is too lazy to sift it before mixing (such as myself).

I’m quite enjoying it for my noon cup this week, and I’d certainly order it again. It is $15.00 for 1oz., which isn’t unheard of, but it is a bit more than I’d like to spend for a daily cup. I’ll keep looking, but this is definitely worth having on hand for a treat.

More matcha and pictures on Friday...


  1. Hello! Just found you, thanks to Vee Tea. I'm a fellow tea blogger, as well. I will enjoy reading your blog! And I know the green powder on the shoes film! :-)

  2. PS - I have just linked to you!

  3. Hi Steph - thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the link! I'll check out your blog later this afternoon, and add a link as well. Glad you are enjoying it! :-)

    I still have green powder all over the kitchen floor...something tells me it will be there for awhile...


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