Friday, March 14, 2008

Pouchong 1st Grade from Ten Tea

Scent in package: softly floral
Brewed in: glass teapot/infuser
Steeped: 3 minutes @ steaming
Cup: porcelain teacup

As promised, a new review. I found 3 teas in my cupboard last night that haven’t yet been reviewed here, so look for oolongs next week. I had a tough time deciding which tea to drink, and finally decided on this pouchong, which I ordered when I got my silver tea tray from Ten Tea.

I only got the sampler of this tea, because it is very expensive at $25 for 4oz. The sampler cost me $2.90 for .32oz or so, and I’ve been skimpy with the leaves just to stretch it as far as possible. It’s really a very enjoyable tea, perfect for a calming evening cuppa.
The leaves are large, dark green and twisted when dry, as you can see. The scent isn’t strong at all, but there is a light floral fragrance that comes up when I first open the bag. They are beautiful while steeping, and I only wish I’d freed them from the infuser and used a strainer to pour, instead of keeping them “trapped” as they are. Next time I think I’ll use my glass gaiwan to brew them (I have enough for one session left). I had planned on multiple infusions, but got distracted, so only had the one.

The tea brews up a light, bright yellow, and the scent wafting off is wonderfully sweet and flowery. The taste is truly delightful, fresh floral with just a tiny hint of citrus in the background. It’s sweet, no astringency whatsoever, and kind of reminds me of marshmallow fluff – light, airy and very smooth.
Not only is it a good evening tea, but it reminded me of spring, gentle breezes, and flowers just starting to come up. So a good tea to drink when spring fever hits, I think – a harbinger of warm days to come. The wet leaves are gorgeous - vibrant and fresh green, as you can see.
I’m sure I could talk myself into paying for a full canister of this tea, but I’ll hold off until I can do a “Pouchong Showdown” with this tea, Adagio’s Opus Pouchong, and some from Art of Tea that I have in my cupboard.

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