Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tea Seeds & Orders

My husband is still recuperating from surgery, but he's doing fine, and should be back to normal soon. I'm home with him again today to make sure everything is kosher before I head back to work.

Thanks to Steph for the recommendation on finding tea seeds/plants! I did order a few seeds from Whatcom seed company, which may or may not grow since tea seeds need to be planted when very fresh, from what I read. But we'll see - I'll post pictures when I get them, and perhaps we'll be able to chronicle the life of a tea plant! I may order a plant later in the year as well, since you're not supposed to harvest tea until the third year. Wouldn't it be a fun project to make black, green and white teas directly from your own plant? I'll keep you posted...

I'm going to place an order or two for tea today, and with any luck, new leaves should be arriving on my doorstep by the weekend. Tea companies are some of the best as far as shipping goes - I rarely have to wait long for an order! In the meantime, I'll scour my cupboards, and new reviews will start again on Friday. Thank you for your patience!

Happy drinking...


  1. Quite an exciting prospect: growing one's own tea. I look forward to seeing your seedlings.

  2. oooh, do share this too! I can't wait to see how this project goes/grows! ;-)


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