Thursday, April 23, 2009

Golden Pearls from Teas, Etc.

Scent in package: light malt scent
Ratio: 1 heaping tsp to 10 oz water
Steeped: 5 min. @ boiling

These little tea pearls are very attractive, and unfurl into thin, elegant leaves while brewing. The scent is very light, but I wasn’t too worried, since the leaves are lighter as well. Unfortunately, though I really wanted to like it, I was left wanting by this particular tea.

The taste is very delicate – more what one might expect from a white tea. All focus must be on the tea as it swirls around the tongue to catch a hint of malt flavor. The aftertaste is somewhat fruity/muscatel – almost like you’d expect from a Darjeeling, but it’s so difficult to pinpoint that it’s hardly worth the effort.

There is a tiny bit of peppery zing on the tongue, which gives a little life to the medium liquor, but overall, this tea is just too much trouble for casual drinking. I would compare it to a good quality Yunnan if the flavors were more prominent, but delicacy is something I want in a white or green tea, not a black such as this.

I’ll pass on this one, and go for that stronger Yunnan instead.

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