Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Raspberry Black from Teavana

Scent in package: Sweet, raspberry scent, with a hint of vanilla, maybe.
Ratio: 1 tsp leaves to 12 oz. water
Steeped: 4 min. @ boiling

Many tea lovers snub flavored teas, but I’ve always enjoyed them, and really, that’s how I started drinking tea, is with the flavored varieties. So I was excited to try Teavana’s line, and while I’m unsure about some of them, this one definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The base tea isn’t anything special, my guess would be an average Ceylon black. There’s a little dryness to the brew, but no bitterness, and it carries the flavors well. It brews up smooth, with a pleasantly medium-bodied liquor, and a definite raspberry taste. This particular blend has more flavor than other raspberry blends I’ve tried, but steep it for just 4 minutes or so, otherwise it has a tendency towards bitterness.

If you like flavored, fruity teas, this should go on your “to try” list. It’s sweet, juicy, and unlike so many other raspberry teas, it actually has bits of real raspberries in it, not just the leaves.

Teavana is doing free shipping with any order until Saturday – there’s a link to the left for anyone interested…

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