Monday, May 4, 2009

Rose Marzipan Delight from Teavana

Scent in package: Cloyingly sweet, roses, sugar, and vanilla
Ratio: 1 tsp. to 10oz. water
Steeped: 5 min. @ boiling

Ironically, this tea blend reminds me of Art of Tea’s Caramel Pear. The two teas are absolutely nothing alike, but I can’t stand the smell of either, though I like the flavor. What are the odds?

When opening the package, trust me – do *not* inhale deeply! The scent is as strong as cheap old perfume, and sweet enough to make one gag. The strong smell of rosebuds mingling with the strong sugar/vanilla/almond is quite the odd olfactory experience, and I just can’t recommend it at all. My nose is pretty sensitive to strong smells though.

The blend itself is just gorgeous – and if it weren’t for the scent, I’d recommend it for gifts. Nicely shaped black tea leaves mixed with whole rosebuds/petals and candy pieces to very nice effect. Once you brew the leaves, the rose scent is clearly dominant, just complimented by warm sugar cookie smells – very yummy smelling.

The brew itself is very good – naturally sweet, with rose and almond flavors sharing the stage well. It’s a very nice combination, and not only perfect as a dessert tea, but also as a mid-afternoon snack. I dare say a piece of dark chocolate would only enhance the flavor. You can just barely taste the actual black tea, but it’s there if you are focused, and not bitter. The brew is medium-bodied and astringent, but not so as to be annoying. I’m tempted to try this blend on ice – I dare say it would probably be very good.

So I definitely recommend a taste of this tea – just wear a clothespin on your nose before it’s brewing!

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