Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Organic Mountain High Chai from two leaves and a bud

Measure: 1 tea sachet to 12 oz. water
Steeped: 4 min. @boiling
Teaware: metal electric kettle, travel mug

The first thing I noticed when I opened this package was the very small amount of tea in the bag. It didn’t seem like enough…maybe a scant teaspoon? And considering there were larger bits of what looked like spices (cinnamon & cardamom), I was worried about this black tea’s ability to caffeinate me properly for the morning. But it smelled divine, very pleasantly of ginger and cinnamon, so I took the chance and brewed it up.

The package says three minutes, but I like strong chai, so I brewed it four. The aroma coming off the cup as it brewed was very eye-opening, and I couldn’t wait to get my first taste. I took a little out before adding about a teaspoon of sugar (I’m out of honey) and a splash of milk.

The plain brew is mildly spicy, but otherwise pretty average for a chai. The leaves expanded nicely in the sachet, but unfortunately, when mixed with sugar & milk the tea just can’t really handle the additions, and the cinnamon is the only flavor that comes through (subtly). Since the whole point of chai is the milk and honey, that presents a bit of a problem, for me anyways.

If you like subtle chai, or want one to drink without the traditional blending, try this one. If like me you prefer stronger stuff for that “cinnamon roll in a cup” experience, you’ll probably want to keep looking.


  1. Oh, to find the perfect cup of chai! I've heard Kasmiri Chai is supposed to be excellent, but I haven't tried it yet.

    There's a coffee shop in town that serves a passable Chai, he'll even used steamed milk in it, but I think I'd rather experiment on my own.

  2. I guess I'd like to have a cinnamon roll in a cup. But I really don't want to drink the regular milk or have any added sugar. And the spices can be a bit much for me. But on occasion, these dessert teas can be quite pleasing. --Teaternity


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