Monday, September 14, 2009

Chai Reviews, and Interviews

Last week was a super-busy week...sorry for the lack of posts. And as you can see, I didn't get my review done for today either. I know, slacker!

I've also been slacking on setting up interviews, which really is just lazy on my part. Those three companies to the left that expressed possible interest have still not returned their interview questions - I'm sure they're either busy, or annoyed that I post negative as well as positive reviews, or both. In any case, I'll get some emails sent out to tea bloggers, and see what we can come up with for next week. I'd really like to host some interviews with authors of tea books too, but I need to read the books first. I'll get to them eventually - I think they'll be most interesting. Have anyone you'd like to see an interview with? Or questions you'd like to see answered? Leave me a comment or email me. I'm always open to suggestions.

I have a lot of chai samples right now - all the new ones from Adagio (thank you, Adagio for finally selling chai!), and one from two leaves and a bud. This week, we'll do the Masala Chai's starting tomorrow. And I'm throwing an extra review in on Weds. to make up for the lack of interview. We'll look at Adagio's new Black Dragon Pearls, which are rather intimidating, but way cool (and tasty) too.

Stick around - lots of good stuff to come!

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  1. Love chai's. Been into Vanilla Chai lately. Can't wait to hear about the new Adagio ones.


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