Monday, September 7, 2009

Orange Sencha from two leaves and a bud

Measure: 1 tea sachet to 8 oz water
Steeped: 4 min. @180 degrees
Teaware: China teacup & saucer

Late on a Sunday night finishing up housework before bed, I decided to give this flavored sencha a try. I've always been partial to Japanese greens, and though the pieces of this tea were small in the bag, I still wasn't too worried. A light orange scent wafted from the sachet when I opened the package, relaxing and refreshing at the same time.

The brew is a dark golden color, with a lovely light floral-orange aroma. The overall flavor is also very light, with a drying quality on the tongue. Just a hint of the orange flavor comes through, lending sweetness to the unassuming vegetal qualities of the brew. The liquor is slightly thick and very pleasing in the mouth.It's a very pleasant and relaxing tea...certainly worth a taste.


  1. Interesting that only a "hint of the orange flavor comes through." Am always hesitant to drink citrus flavored teas because, in my experience, the citrus tone has been overwhelming.

  2. I think you'd like this one then, Georgia. It's not overwhelming at all...quite light and pleasant, actually, IMO.

  3. Judging from that photo, it's more like
    '...from two leaves and a bug' :)

  4. Like my little ladybug, do you? ;-) My favorite china teacup there.

  5. I figure I'd probably like this one, too. Japanese greens are some good tea, and Sencha is a pleasant everyday tea. If it's flavored right, that's just another bonus. --Teaternity


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