Thursday, September 3, 2009

Organic Darjeeling from two leaves and a bud

Measure: 1 teabag to 12 oz. tea
Steeped: 4 ½ minutes @boiling
Teaware: Travel mug

Rarely do I find a Darjeeling to rave about – my taste buds are just not in line with most first flushes that typically tickle the average palate. I generally prefer the second flush flavors, slightly less delicate and more “earthy”. The company doesn’t mention on their web site which flush this is, unfortunately.

The leaves were all still intact in their mesh sachet, and as you can see, I cut the bag open to examine the leaves after the tea was steeped. There’s plenty of room in the bag for the leaves to unfurl, and it looks pretty much like any other quality Darjeeling I’ve had. The scent of this brew is just phenomenal as well – very fruity and light.

The flavor…ah, the flavor. It actually starts off peppery and a little earthy, with a definite zing on the tip of the tongue. Light floral notes and signature muscatel roll easily over the palate on a medium thick brew that is quite pleasing. It finishes with a slightly astringent quality, the fruity flavor lingering well after the liquor is gone.

It’s a fabulous tea – a rare and surprising find in a bagged tea. Go order some…you won’t regret it.

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  1. It's good to know that a tea offered in a bag can win such accolades. I wonder if it's a blend or is single estate. Too bad the vendor doesn't tell more about it. --Spirituality of Tea


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