Friday, June 17, 2011

Dusting off the Cobwebs

A couple weeks ago when I opened the door to my teaware and puerh cabinet to get a big teapot for iced tea, the scent of those lovely tea cakes wafted out and practically begged me to sit down for a gong fu session (no, that's not puerh above, that's the Kukicha I was drinking last night - it's old, and I think I'll toss it and start fresh). It was an interesting week, and the tea thing was just one in a series of events that really made me stop and think. For the past two years or so, I've been hyper-focused on getting my writing career jump-started, and it was a good thing for me at the time. I've started my own boutique publishing company, published several books now with more on the way, and feel good about the direction that's taking. I've "settled in", so to speak.

But I need more out of life than just writing & books. I need to explore other interests, and enjoy a variety of experiences in order to be completely happy. And for me, one of those things I need to experience is tea.

I never stopped drinking tea, of course. But lately my tea consumption consists of a quick travel mug brewed twice daily (morning & noon) on my way out the door to the day job. I've fallen into somewhat of a rut, drinking the same teas day in and day out - good teas, of course, but it's certainly not a "mindful" exercise, and much of the nuance of flavor gets lost in the shuffle due to the circumstances. This makes me a bit sad, and I miss the days when words like "peppery" and "earthy" and "vegetal" came to mind at the merest sniff of a particular brew. It's not really about the words so much, as the fact that tea should be an "experience", not just a beverage to help me wake up and get me through the day.

So I'm dusting off the cobwebs here at Tea on Tap, and will begin posting reviews, tasting notes & teaware musings again starting next week. I'm still working out a posting schedule, but I should have something regular in the next week or so. In the meantime, I've started redecorating a bit, and have posted my review policy, a shiny new calendar and my standard disclaimer in the tab bar at the top of the page. I have a few other things to put up there as time permits. And I have a couple orders of tea on the way that should be here soon.

I was kind of surprised (and incredibly flattered) by the amount of page views this blog still gets on an average day even after being "closed" for a year and a half. So while I'm reopening predominantly for me, I'm happy to have whoever is still around along for the journey, along with any newcomers who happen by.

Join me for a cuppa? :-)

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  1. Can't wait to read your tea blog. I am not "into" the intricacies of the different tea blends. I am happy with plain old Lipton tea over ice consumed by the gallon. Now I would like to find a good pre-mixed chai but that is just an ongoing desire.

    I like tea, I drink different blends, brews, whatever you call them and I love to read about tea. I used to collect tea, LOL!!!

    I am so looking forward to this. You are a succulent woman! ;)


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