Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Quick Note... let you know that I've joined Steepster, finally. There's a link to the left where you can find me there, if you so choose.

I know - I said I wouldn't post anymore. It's hard to pass a blog (in this case, I was fixing the twitterfeed & reviewing some tasting notes while preparing tea orders), and not post *something*. Blogging is addictive... ;-)

Four Twitter accounts is just too much (didn't know I had that many, eh?). I've deleted my Tea On Tap account because I wasn't posting to it anyway. Feel free to follow my main account (also linked on the left) if you'd's mostly writing related, but my Steepster updates are there, as well as the occasional tea-related tweet. I do follow and list tea people back, of course.

You can use the labels at to the right to search for specific reviews, etc. Interestingly, I use my own reviews when ordering tea (as I was doing today) to remember the differences between teas. That's the danger in sampling *everything* (still fun though).

I was thinking of all this today because it's ordering day. For anyone interested, here's what I ordered (linked to reviews where possible):

From Adagio:

Yunnan Noir
Keemun Concerto
Golden Spring

Interestingly, my reviews for Golden Spring and Keemun Concerto were less than stellar, but I find myself enjoying them both now. Fickle palate? Or different harvests...

From Harney & Sons

Valentine Blend (roses & chocolate)
Irish Breakfast
Florence (chocolate/hazelnut)
Lapsang Souchong

From Teas, Etc

Perfectly Passionate (hmm...flowery citrus, very smooth & sweet)
Pink Grapefruit
Raspberry Tart

(Don't mind the name differences - they seem to have done some renaming here and there)

From Andrews & Dunham

Series 2
Series 4

Happy Sipping!

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