Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tea Words: Feb. 17 - 23, 2013

Elyse's Blend - Harney & Sons
2/18 @ 8:30am - Light, mellow, meh.

Boulder Breakfast - The TeaSpot
2/18 @ 11:15am - Burnt, over brewed, yuck!

Yunnan Puerh - Adagio
2/19 @ 8:30am - Mild, uneventful

Pink Grapefruit - Teas, Etc.
2/20 @ 8:30am - bright, refreshing

Harvest Spice - The Tea Spot
2/21 @8:30am - sweet, dry

Yunnan Noir - Adagio
2/22 @8:30am - deep, rich, smooth, heavenly

I managed to keep track of some cups this week, and as you might have noticed, the week didn't start out very well tea-wise. Weds and Thursday were okay, and then Thursday night I got my two tea orders from Adagio and Tantalizing Teas. Hooray! Good Yunnan tea never tasted so fabulous - it had been too long.  
Needless to say, I'm looking forward to this week's more back-of-the-cupboard cuppas for a while. What's in your cup this week? 


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  3. Hey cool blog, do you record all the teas you drink? I like the concept but must be hard to keep on top of!

  4. Hi Hannah - thanks for stopping by! I used to be better at the recording part, but not so much anymore. Call me lazy. ;-) I try though - tea is a fascinating world, and one that lends itself well to contemplation...


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