Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lapsang & Raspberries

Not in the same cup. Although looking at today's title, it doesn't seem like such a bad idea to try. A nice, sweet fruity taste paired...maybe not with traditional Lapsang, but a lighter smokey tea, like Bohea or Black Dragon?

I have to say, I'm a little annoyed that Teas, Etc has been out of both Raspberry Tart and Bohea every time I've gone to order for the last several *months*. This does not bode well for business, in my opinion. However, I have found replacements that seem to be working nicely, so no lasting harm, I suppose.

I like raspberry tea, but not enough to drink it "just because". The fact is, it helps alleviate certain female ailments to the extent that I've come to rely on it heavily from month to month. So I finally searched my other favorite tea retailers and found an herbal tisane at Adagio called "Raspberry Patch" that includes dried raspberries. I wasn't sure if that would work, since the leaves have more of the substance that's supposed to help, but I mixed a bit of it with the Harney & Son's Supreme Breakfast that I'm not fond of, and it both improved that tea and worked as a nice painkiller, so win-win!

On the Bohea front, the replacement I've found is a blend of organic black tea (?) and Lapsang, which results in a nice, mellower smokey tea for those days when a full on campfire isn't really necessary. Black Dragon from Tantalizing Teas is excellent...and I think I just might try mixing it with a little of that raspberry patch tea next month to see how it turns out!

As for my Tea Words - I've been failing miserably on those. I've been drinking excellent teas lately, so perhaps I can get back into the groove here soon...

In the meantime...what's in your cup?

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